In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Getting Seasonal.”

Do you miss the holiday season when it’s months away? When you’re in the midst of holiday madness, do you enjoy it, or can’t wait for it to be over?

Life after Mom.

The first part of the year, January through March, is uneventful.  I can handle it, there are no holidays, birthdays, or occasions that cause me heartache or heartburn.  Moving into April, yes the weather begins to change and the flowers begin to bloom and that’s comforting.  Something about a Spring morning and a hot cup of coffee is very special….but that’s where the emotions get squirrelly.

one perspective of a rose
one perspective of a rose

My kid’s birthdays fall in April, May, and June but there’s a hitch.  The April birthday is on the 30th and my Mom passed away on May 1st.  So on the cusp of the joy of celebrating her birthday every year from now on will be the utter sadness I feel on the anniversary of losing Mom.  (This all ties into holidays later…)  To add to the despair of May, my Mother’s birthday is also in May as well as Mother’s Day.  Yea, May is pretty hard.


July through August is fine.

September hits and it’s back to school for the kiddos and my birthday.  Again, I feel the sting of the loss of Mom in a big way.  She always made my birthday special, even in my 30’s and early 40’s before she passed.  Sigh…………

Fall means the beginning of holiday season.  One blasted holiday after another…Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  My feeling about this season is, let me just get through it because I’ll get some reprieve in January.  It all boils down to Mom.  She dressed up for Halloween.  She always made amazing costumes for me as a kid.  She, and my grandma, loved to answer the door for the kids in her neighborhood and see their costumes.


Thanksgiving was also a Mom holiday.  I’d take my kids to her house and she had it all decorated.  Her home was straight out of Architectural Digest.  Gorgeous, clean as a whistle, decorated to the t.  (Ha!  T for Tina;))  T-day.  Thanksgiving Day.  T for Tina.  Tina pretty ballerina….she was a beautiful dancer.  That holiday will never be the same.


Christmas rolls around and we usually spend it with my Dad.  Thankfully we still have him and that tradition.  If not for that, I don’t know how I’d get through the year.

Holidays are hard but I try to always give thanks to the special memories and the dear loved ones I still have around me on this Earth.  My friends and family mean more than anything else.



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