Welcome to my BLOG! Amber Amulets!

I am a…

Mother, friend, daughter, sister, writer, blogger, photographer, dancer, leader, homebody, chef-in-training, accidental wanderer, and career professional.

I write to express…don’t we all?  Life to me, is all about creativity and finding the beauty in it.  Whether it’s through photographs, nature, children, art, dance, music, etc., there is so much to enjoy and be grateful for.  I strive to see and appreciate those things that make me happy.  There is so much hurt and pain on this Earth that I needed someplace to focus only on the good.  This is that place.

I also write about things that effect me.  You may read a lot about my incredible mom who recently passed, or about other joys and sorrows that surround my existence at the time, or just things that make you think..inspirations, amazing people, wonderful and beautiful images…and more!

More on how I chose the name for my blog is here.




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