dandelionsI don’t associate May Day with protests.  It’s pathetic that it’s come to that these days.  I remember May Day as the day to make baskets of flowers and surprise Mom with them.  I’d make a construction paper cone with a handle, pick dandelions and blue bells from the yard to put into it, hang it on the door and knock.  I’d be hiding behind a nearby tree and watch Mom open the door and find the flowers and smile.  That’s what I associate May Day with.  Flowers and my dear Mother’s smile.

I miss her so much it hurts.  So much has happened in the four years since her passing from cancer.  I think about that day a lot.  That week, that month, that year…..what I would have done differently, more time I would have spent with her.  It was a bad few years with so many stressful things happening all at once.  Memories I prefer not to re-live.

I hope she knows I’m ok.  I still struggle, but I’m better now.  I wish she were still here with us.  I love you forever Mom.  xoxo



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