My son is practicing his driving in preparation to get his license, so every morning he drives to school and I am along for the ride.  It’s only a 15-20 minutes drive, but it’s 20 minutes of the day that I get alone time with my son.  Sometimes we just listen to music and comment on the traffic, other times we talk about what we want to do on the weekend, stuff like that.  This morning, he asked me what my plans were for Valentine’s Day.  He knows I don’t have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t really know exactly who my “friends” are, or their status  He has a girlfriend now so I know he was really just leading up to HIS plans by sounding interested in mine.

I looked over and giggled.  “I don’t have a valentine,” I said.  “You kids are my valentines!”  A smile came over his face.  “Well, I was thinking and I wanted to get your opinion,” he said.  [Kari] has always wanted to watch the sunset at the lake, so I thought if you could drive us there we could have a little picnic and you could pick us up later?  I even researched where the sun would set and what time to know if we could even see it from the lake.  The sun sets at 5:30.”

I smiled and said, “How romantic!  However, it might be better to plan that more towards summer when it stays light longer and it’s not so cold.  What if it rains?  I think you need a plan B, or a new plan A.”

We rattled off a few other ideas; a movie, dinner and a movie (too expensive, he says), bowling, roller skating….?  “Ok, I’ll think about it,” he said as we drove up in front of the high school.  “Have a great day and I’ll see you later,”  I called after him as he walked away from the car.  I got into the drivers seat and headed back home to wake up the next kid and get her off to school.

Thinking about Valentine’s Day….

…Just another day in February. 




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