Developing a purpose statement seems a daunting task.  How does one even begin to encapsulate the totality of one’s purpose on Earth in just a few short, succinct sentences?  I was attending a class recently on Emotional Intelligence and we spent some time working on it.  Some group interactions to tell each other what our unique qualities are and a few TED talks later, we set to the task at hand.

List two qualities: I’m genuine and seek to inspire others

List two actions:  I encourage and I listen

Why this makes a difference:  I am able to provide resources to others who are searching for answers and it makes people open up to a new realm of possibilities.

Now write your purpose statement:  uuuuhhhhh…….ok??

It seemed very simple when looking at the 1-page worksheet we were given to fill out and it was fairly easy to discuss our unique qualities in our small groups, but to actually come up with the purpose of our lives wasn’t quite as easy.  It does take some soul searching.

Looking at the meaning of “purpose” helps.  “The reason for which something is done or for which something exists; to have as one’s intention or objective.”   So, ask what is my objective?  What is my purpose for existing, my intention?  Well, speaking for myself, I intend to find inspiration in everything and everyone.  I intend to inspire others in some way if I can.  My reason to live is to strive to continuously reach my full potential and to help others do the same if I can.

Ok, I’ll put all of those ideas together into a purpose statement:

My purpose is to live an inspired life, have faith in positive outcomes, and inspire others to strive to reach their full potential.

Now you try…


Here’s an interesting TEDtalk on what is the real you:


One thought on “A seemingly daunting task, but worthy of the effort

  1. Understanding your purpose in clear and simple terms can indeed be daunting. This is why I believe a connection to our Creator is essential for such a task.

    I believe my purpose is to help people find their purposes and maximise their potentials in pursuit of those purposes.


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