My grandmother wrote down her life’s story before she passed away and I’m very grateful because there is so much history to learn from.  I’m considering the idea of publishing it; highlighting her life growing up in northern Germany, WWI, her school days, her married life having 8 children, WWII, fleeing their home when the Russians invaded, coming to America on the Queen Elizabeth in 1951, etc.

Here is a small excerpt about her father coming back from the war (WWI).


“In 1918, Father came back from the war.  First I had to get used to him, but it did not take long for he was a very loving man and father.  He brought each of us children a lovely picture book, which he made himself of pictures and verses.  It contained many stories from the Western Front including his own experiences and feelings during this time.  The pictures were so lovely!  One told of his longing for good, homemade food, when his loving wife, Lieschen, set the breakfast table with bread, butter and radishes.

He had a pictures of French soldiers in the prisoner-of-war camp with their red pants.  The most impressive picture, which I just loved, was an angel (the angel of peace) opening the door to peace, a dove flying with the verse:

O, Open us the door of peace –
Too long has lasted this terrible slaughter!

How I wished I would have saved that beautiful book, which I loved so dearly!  But, along with so many other precious things, it was lost in the aftermath of WWII when we had to leave our home country from one day to the next.”


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