My funny valentine…

I expected V-day to come and go this year as any other day.  I didn’t have any special someone to say “I love you” to or receive flowers and chocolates from.  C’est la vie.  Instead, I meandered among the quaint shops in the little town I recently moved to and explored my new surroundings.  Sometimes, just by staying open to Spirit and not worrying about what you don’t have, you receive special gifts.

I came upon a rock and gem shop on my walkabout, so I went in.  It was a huge shop filled with every kind of rock and gem you can imagine.  Raw crystal formations of all shapes and sizes with little cards that explain what they are and their healing properties; jewelry fashioned from gem stones, bracelets, amulets, rings, and necklaces.  I let the energy guide me to the ones that felt good.  It was Valentine’s Day after all.  My heart was open for love…for myself, apparently:)


I’ve always been drawn to certain crystals.  Amethyst was the first one that I felt I needed to have.  It’s a meditative and calming stone, described as a kind-of all-purpose gemstone because it’s known to increase psychic and intuitive powers.  It is also an aid to grief after the loss of a loved one, and brings peace and inner strength and stability.  After losing my mom in 2013, I definitely need as much amethyst as I can afford.


The second stone that called to me was the Rose Quartz, a.k.a. “the love stone.” (How ironic is that?)  It is a symbol of unconditional love and is connected to the heart chakra.  It’s a happy, loving stone that aids in bringing love and happiness into one’s heart and life.  It balances emotions and teaches us to love ourselves more and increase our self-worth.  I definitely need as much rose quartz as I can afford.  (hmmm….I sense a theme here.)


The third and final gem of the day was the clear Quartz Crystal.  Quartz is the most common and stands for power, energy, and clarity.  Known as the “universal crystal,” it has many uses such as; enhancing positive energy, enhancing thoughts, is beneficial for amplifying energy to manifest, heal, protect, harmonize one’s environment, and energize other crystals.  I also bought a small crystal necklace to wear close to my heart.  I figure you can never have too much positive energy around you.

My final purchase was a last minute impulse.  Next to the register was a bowl with polished rocks that had words etched into them.  I dug through to see what would compel me to spend another $4.00.  I found a perfectly round, orange/red colored stone (possibly Jasper?) with the word JOY… my Mother’s middle name.  Cha-ching!!


Thank you Mom! I love you so much!

You are my forever-VALENTINE



Attitude adjustment needed

Journal to find clarity…” I read this line in an article in the Harvard Business Review today about how your state of mind affects your work performance. It seems like common sense to me that if you have a stressful morning you will be less productive and have a lower level of performance at work than if you are clear-headed, and had a wonderful, relaxed morning before arriving to work. What struck me was some of the best practices in changing your state of mind for the better. The article suggests that you “acknowledge your emotions to reduce their intensity. Allow your thoughts to be transient….journal to find clarity.” It further suggests to breathe deeply, stretch often, and take breaks to clear the mind. Music can help you relax as well as lighting and eating healthy. Again, common sense right? They are still great reminders to pay attention to ourselves, our state of mind, and how it affects us in our daily interactions.