Blogging 101 Prompt: 

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like?

What would it depict?

Answer:  The Kiss


For whatever reason, I can never remember this artists name.  I always need to enter these words into my Google search box:  painter who paints with gold.  This painting has appeared to me a few times and every time I’m drawn to it…it’s just so full of passion and beauty.  Creating this post and dedicating it to Gustav Klimt will forever embed his name in my memory and there will be no future need to Google it again.  Whew!

I could never paint this myself, but if I could paint my current mood (or sentiment) onto a canvas I would do it like Gustav (I love that name, by the way!)  I would paint myself shrouded in a golden quilt, my lover pressed up next to me, with the promise to hold me forever…

…and I would call it…Heaven.


2 thoughts on “Heaven…and…The Kiss

  1. Definitely one of the known artist of his Art Nouveau age: symbolistic and as his favorite art subject was feminine ambitions, its ought to be liked by many of us females. 🙂


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