Today is the first day of the Blogging 101 workshop I signed up for and I’m so excited to explore new ideas and connect with other fellow bloggers!  Today’s task is simply to introduce myself and say a little about why I blog and what I hope to gain from it.  So… goes!

I am a mother, friend, daughter, sister, writer, blogger, photographer, dancer, leader, homebody, chef-in-training, accidental wanderer, and career professional. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world (but it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone!). I love to travel to new places and experience new things however my busy life and raising kids have not allowed me the chance to do that much. I believe that will change in the near future…

I am blogging to keep my creative juices flowing. It’s been an outlet for my healing process after my mother passed away from cancer last year. Somehow I find a little bit of solace when I write and it helps me process my thoughts and feelings. I’m not sure I have any particular ongoing theme to my blog – it’s not a “food blog” or a “photography blog” however it will most likely have a little bit of everything depending on my mood. I will always strive to make it interesting and thoughtful, maybe even thought-provoking to others. As I build it up, it may have a mind of its own and morph into something resembling a theme.  Time will tell…

I look forward to connecting with other fellow bloggers and join the immense community of fabulous writers (and readers)!


Thanks for stopping by. 



10 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here – Blogging 101

  1. Hi 🙂 I’m in the same boat as well (we are going to need a bigger boat!) .. here to keep it flowing (I am a very inconsistent blogger) and also to build the habit and “meet” new people. I have had my blog for a year or so and still don’t have a them… I’m not sure that that is what its about for everyone. Looking forward to more of your posts

    Jay (


  2. It woulds like you already have the creative juices flowing as a photographer & chef-in-training, I firmly believe that healing through creativity is one of the best ways to process bereavement, it certainly helped me when my father passed away 10 years ago and it still helps me now. Best of luck with your creative blogging journey, I hope it brings you new self-knowledge and growth, looking forward to finding out what you write!


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