Sitting in my (messy) pseudo-dining table never used for dining but rather as a desk area next to the pseudo-kitchen, too small for more than one person to do anything resembling cooking, I have my glass of merlot and a small bowl of peanuts, ready to do some work.  I open up my drop box files to see what work awaits me from my publisher-friend that I do editing work for on the side.  I like it because it exposes me to a writers-world that I’m just discovering within myself.  I get inspired to write and gather ideas for topics based on my own life and experiences.  I tap into another part of my brain.

Today I signed up for the Bloggers Challenge that begins on Sept. 15th.  I’m looking forward to what might manifest and to keep the creative juices flowing.  My blog is like an ever-evolving, changing, growing part of my life-turned journal.  I just never know what to expect and sometimes surprise myself.

It’s an internal process.  Personal.  Connected.  Spiritual.

I’m thankful for this day off..the extra long weekend before school starts and life gets crazy again.  Breathe.





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