me-n-mom-greatwheelIt must have been 8 or 9 months before Mom passed away, but we didn’t know that then.  We spent a glorious day in Seattle.  Before me and the kids arrived, my aunt and mom had walked to the Pike Place Market to buy fresh pasta, vegetables, an amazing sauce, and freshly baked bread…OH and meatballs!  Mom made lunch for us and we ate at my aunties condo with the most amazing view of the waterfront and downtown.  Mom had this uncanny ability to maintain a positive, happy demeanor despite the years of fighting cancer and sustaining the horrible effects of chemotherapy.  We didn’t think about that.  We were focused on just enjoying the food and being together.

After lunch, it began to sprinkle outside.  That didn’t stop us.  We headed out into the rain and walked down to the Great Wheel – newly built down on the waterfront.  It was our first time on it and it was pretty fun and exciting.  I remember my youngest daughter laughing with nervous fear and asking why she let us talk her into this!  The rain made the Great Wheel creak loudly as it slowly rotated it’s huge circle suspending us over Elliot Bay as we wondered if the pods we rode in would float, should we fall.

We laughed!  We laughed!  and we laughed…..

I will never forget that day!

on the great wheel

raining on the great wheel


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