It took me a while to ponder and come up with a meaningful name for my blog here on WordPress.  Since writing, for me, has become a source of comfort and healing, I wanted to give it a title worthy of my self-expression and creativity.  Now my challenge will be writing blog posts worthy of the title I’ve given it.

I did a quick (and I mean QUICK) Google search for key words, came up with a list, and started to pick and choose a few that resonated.  The word “amber” popped up and I had to look up the significance of the precious stone.  Actually, it’s not a stone but rather a fossilized resin.  (Of course I knew that...)  It has metaphysical properties for psychic protection, health and healing, balance of emotions, clearing the mind, releasing negative energy, aiding manifestation, and clearing away phobias and fears.

PERFECT!  Just what I need.  Guess what?  I promptly ordered a beautiful amber amulet necklace and decided that would be my early birthday present to myself.  Incidentally, amber is one of the recognized birth gemstones for my astrological sign of Virgo.  I was always under the impression that there was only one for each month, but I discovered (via another quick Google search) that there are several and you can pick one that resonates with you.  (Resin….resonate…hmmmm)

This is my Blog!  Welcome!

Amber Amulets.


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