Finding inspiration when you don’t feel inspired

I joined Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21-day meditation challenge in hopes of finding a way to incorporate meditation into my life.  With all that goes on in the world, all of the crazy violent things happening around us, the stress of daily living, worrying about the kids, feeling lonely, feeling like a victim, wondering how I’m going to get through the week and have enough food to eat, trying to be a champion, trying hard to move up in life….I believe and have come to realize that I just need to find inner peace.  That’s all I can rely on in troubling times.  No one outside of myself is going to calm my soul.  I can’t always get that hug I long for and reassurance that it’s all going to be ok.  I don’t have someone there at all times to tell my problems to.  It’s on me.  It’s all internalized.

As many people have expressed their shock and disbelief, the suicide of Robin Williams has also affected me.  I think about how he was the same age as my Mom.  It’s so strange how people leave this Earth.  My Mom fought hard for her life.  She hung on as long as she possibly could and wasn’t ready to go.  There was so much she wanted to see and do, watch her grand-kids grow up, travel, make beautiful things, dance, etc.  While someone like Robin Williams who appeared to us as having everything one could possibly want, money, fame, beautiful children…laughter…bringing joy to others….just had enough.  It’s so hard to wrap my head around.  For both, I hope they are truly in a better place.  They have both found peace, along with the countless others who are now gone from this terrible, tangible world.

Yet, with all that is terrible, there is also beauty.  With hate, there is also love.  With tragedy, there is hope and happiness.  There is an Igbo proverb that says, “when one things stands, another stands beside it.”  It’s very true.

Here’s a quote from one of Robin William’s movies:

“Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day, make a wish, and think of me. Make your life spectacular.” – Jack


Today’s meditation was on finding inspiration.

How do you find it when you don’t feel it.  What inspires you?

Shum is the Sanskrit mantra.  The centering thought is “I am filled with Spirit.”




Repeated over and over with my eyes closed.  Deepak instructs to contemplate the centering thought…

I am filled with Spirit.  I am filled with Spirit.  I am filled with Spirit.



On Being Evacuated: It’s every volunteer’s worst nightmare.

An amazing account of the real truth from someone on the ground, on the front lines, doing what really matters in West Africa. Americans need to wake up and be informed before shunning the problem as someone else’s. I hope they get the assistance they need to contain and end this deadly disease!

Sara in Peace Corps Guinea

Today volunteers in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia received the information that we will be sent home for an undetermined amount of time as a cautionary move against the rising risk of Ebola.

Electron micrograph image of the Ebola virus. Electron micrograph image of the Ebola virus.

Friends and family back home are overjoyed at the news, but volunteers in-country are stumbling around in a state of shock. Projects that have taken months of sweet-talking the authorities, grueling grant applications, planning every step of the way have to be left now – postponed indefinitely. Bags must be packed. Close of Service dates for volunteers preparing to leave will be moved up. Pre-service training has been stopped dead in its tracks for the recently arrived group of volunteers. Somehow, we must all find the words to explain to our friends and host-families the harsh truth that we are leaving and don’t know when we will be back.


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The intention….PEACE.



I decided to join in the global meditation for peace.  This world-wide event took place at precisely 12noon EST around the globe and headed by Depak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and India Arie.  This historic event was registered with the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest group meditation in history.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew if India Arie and Depak Chopra were leading it, I wanted to be a part of it too.  So, in my small apartment, sitting on my bed with the sun shining through the curtains and a light breeze blowing through the window, I focused my attention and intention on peace.

Just as Obama ordered air strikes and heavy fighting continued in Iraq, over 100,000 people joined in a common goal from 190 countries – PEACE. 

Depak says that meditation is merely a quieting of the mind, which quiets the body, which helps your body go into a state of homeostasis and self-healing.  He says, “the world is a reflection of who we are, and if we don’t like the reflection it doesn’t really help to break the mirror.”  When we reach a critical mass of collective consciousness, it automatically changes the awareness and feeling of peace around the world.

We all have to take responsibility for the vibration we put out into the world.  The more joyful we are, the more joy we spread in the world.  The more creative we are, the more creativity there is in the world.  The more peaceful intentions we have, more peaceful actions will occur on the planet.

Express your love, compassion, joy, empathy, and peace.





Memoir Madness – Happy Times with Mom on the Great Wheel

me-n-mom-greatwheelIt must have been 8 or 9 months before Mom passed away, but we didn’t know that then.  We spent a glorious day in Seattle.  Before me and the kids arrived, my aunt and mom had walked to the Pike Place Market to buy fresh pasta, vegetables, an amazing sauce, and freshly baked bread…OH and meatballs!  Mom made lunch for us and we ate at my aunties condo with the most amazing view of the waterfront and downtown.  Mom had this uncanny ability to maintain a positive, happy demeanor despite the years of fighting cancer and sustaining the horrible effects of chemotherapy.  We didn’t think about that.  We were focused on just enjoying the food and being together.

After lunch, it began to sprinkle outside.  That didn’t stop us.  We headed out into the rain and walked down to the Great Wheel – newly built down on the waterfront.  It was our first time on it and it was pretty fun and exciting.  I remember my youngest daughter laughing with nervous fear and asking why she let us talk her into this!  The rain made the Great Wheel creak loudly as it slowly rotated it’s huge circle suspending us over Elliot Bay as we wondered if the pods we rode in would float, should we fall.

We laughed!  We laughed!  and we laughed…..

I will never forget that day!

on the great wheel

raining on the great wheel

It’s all in a name

It took me a while to ponder and come up with a meaningful name for my blog here on WordPress.  Since writing, for me, has become a source of comfort and healing, I wanted to give it a title worthy of my self-expression and creativity.  Now my challenge will be writing blog posts worthy of the title I’ve given it.

I did a quick (and I mean QUICK) Google search for key words, came up with a list, and started to pick and choose a few that resonated.  The word “amber” popped up and I had to look up the significance of the precious stone.  Actually, it’s not a stone but rather a fossilized resin.  (Of course I knew that...)  It has metaphysical properties for psychic protection, health and healing, balance of emotions, clearing the mind, releasing negative energy, aiding manifestation, and clearing away phobias and fears.

PERFECT!  Just what I need.  Guess what?  I promptly ordered a beautiful amber amulet necklace and decided that would be my early birthday present to myself.  Incidentally, amber is one of the recognized birth gemstones for my astrological sign of Virgo.  I was always under the impression that there was only one for each month, but I discovered (via another quick Google search) that there are several and you can pick one that resonates with you.  (Resin….resonate…hmmmm)

This is my Blog!  Welcome!

Amber Amulets.